Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sample Opening Prayer In A Thesis Defense

180 ° in 180 words - Issue 5

Today: The weapon marks the free citizens

As might be expected, our politically correct pundits once again on the demonizing of a direct democratic Decision in Switzerland. This time it's about something which is particularly bizarre for them: private gun ownership. Switzerland has a militia army, once in practice, although the U.S. commitment clear in its constitution to Militia.

Calls Who of private gun ownership should be abolished in the drive the same reasons as those which demand the death penalty: The right to life come from the state, and because this is so, only the state can defend withdraw it or .

The truth is that every individual has the inalienable right to his life. This right may neither the state nor by the people be withdrawn. If this is attempted, there is a right of resistance, and therefore can not be resisted, has the right to own a gun and carry. The weapon in the hands of a free people symbolizes freedom. And if free people find themselves together in order to defend themselves against a threat, they defend their collective rights to life and form a militia.


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